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State-of-the-Art Drug Testing Services for Your Workplace

Pre-Employment - Random - Post Accident - Reasonable Suspicion

Business owners lose more than $100 million every year because of alcohol and substance abuse in their company. Advantage Drug Screening provides laboratory and instant drug and alcohol testing to business owners who want to implement and maintain a drug-testing program.

We can provide you with the proper paperwork and forms to initiate and maintain your Company drug-free policy. Aside from this, we can also set up a random drug testing protocol that meets the needs of your company.

ADS offers Discount Pricing for Businesses/Employers that package our Background check services with Drug Screenings or Businesses/Employers that need multiple screenings or year round service from ADS.


Benefits of a Drug- and Alcohol-Free Workplace

  • Confidence in Hiring Drug-Free Employees
  • Increased Productivity
  • Insurance Incentives and Certifications
  • Reduced Absences, Health Insurance Costs, Tardiness, and Turnovers
  • Safer Work Environment

Other Services

Rapid Urine Drug Screens + 7- Panel Adulterant Detection

Instant Drug Screens provide immediate results and have a lower cost per test. Upon request, we can send all nonnegative drug screens to a laboratory overnight. They can be confirmed through the industry’s gold standard, which are the gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry (GC/MS) and liquid chromatography triple quadrupole mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS).

After confirmation our MRO can get in touch with your employees who have positive results and rule out those who’ve had false positives. They will discuss the use of prescription medication with them, if applicable.

Our pricing for rapid urine drug screening is based on the number of people being tested, and discounts may be applied. We can conduct this test in our office or your establishment.

Non-Rapid Laboratory Tests: 5 -, 7 -, 9 -, 10 -, 11 -, and 12- Panel

We offer on-site and off-site laboratory tests nationwide. For nonlocal collections, we will have to obtain your authorization code and find the closest collection site to you. All non-rapid laboratory tests are legally defensible and approved by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

North Carolina Employers and Business Owners

Rapid tests can be performed for preemployment screens. However, it is highly recommended that all nonnegative rapid test results be sent to an approved laboratory for confirmation.

Random testing after employment (e.g., postaccident, reasonable suspicion, return to duty, etc.) should be performed within an SAMHSA-approved laboratory. This is based on the North Carolina Controlled Substance Examination Regulation Act. Our company can perform all these procedures nationwide or at our facility in Cary, NC.

Hair Strand and Fingernail Drug Testing: 5 - Through 17 - Panel

Although urine testing is very reliable, the look-back window averages from 24 to 72 hours, and if the drug is chronic, it could last longer. Hair strand and fingernail testing are two ways to get a more in-depth assessment. They can help you determine if someone has used drugs during longer detection windows.

Hair strand drug tests can detect previous drug use up to three months in the past. Depending on the length of the sample, the drug test results can go back further or closer. Since hair, such as those from our armpits, can lie dormant for up to one year, body hair drug tests can also search up to that long.

The window of detection for fingernail drug testing stretches up to six months back. Drug metabolites can lie dormant in our toenails for up to one year, which is why these tests can also yield results up until then. The reason that we can only give a rough estimate of the look-back window for both hair and nail testing is that each individual's hair and nails grow at a different rate.

Hair and fingernail testing are simple specimen collections that yield highly accurate results. Since specimen collection is directly observed, the risk of adulteration is reduced dramatically. Additionally, there are no known methods for sample adulteration since washing your hair or fingernails will not adulterate the sample.

Negative results are reported within 24 to 48 business hours once the samples are received by the laboratory. On the other hand, positive results are confirmed using GC/MS within 48 to 72 business hours. It is important to note that both hair and fingernail drug testing are legally defensible.

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